What is iTEM? Cloud based business management

iTEM is a totally integrated cloud based business management software suite that allows businesses to manage; CRM, sales, quotes, projects, tasks, time, communication expenses, invoices, reports and much more.

Secure & Accessible

Accessibly securely from anywhere, iTEM gives you instant and accurate information from a high level right through to the emails related to one task. Giving you a detailed overview of your business.

Totally configurable, iTEM mimics your business practises to allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your daily routine and capture all communication.

Working In Harmony

Because each part of iTEM works together, it will streamline your business making sure you and your team have precise and detailed information.

iTEM does not just stop at your team, it also allows you to collaborate with your clients and suppliers.

Why did we write it?

iTEM was written so we could track and manage our own web design consultancy from one place, we were tired of having a separate, CRM, Project Management and timesheet system as well as trying to link it all to our Email and numerous spreadsheets. iTEM Reduced our need for an additional admin person.

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Why is iTEM Different

Unlike other established systems, iTEM has been designed from day one to be a totally integrated system, seamlessly linking all aspects of your business together.

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