Online Time Tracking Software

Time management is all-important. You can expect clients to demand that the time you spend on tasks is accurately recorded and made available. iTEM allows you to do this in a multitude of ways.



The iTEM Timesheet links seamlessly into the project module, all tasks can be accessed along with ability to create new ones. You can add time, either by hours or days at a time interval of your choice. Different rates can be used if applicable and a description of the work carried out is also required.

Additional to your timesheet you can state if the hours are chargeable or not.

iTEM Timer

The iTEM timer is a handy tool that allows you to start and stop the time you are spending on a task, you can have a multiple timers and all will stop when a new one is started. A great way to track on-going time. You can leave a timer running while you access other areas of iTEM and an icon will indicate you have one running.


An onsite check box will automatically create a mileage report for you based on miles from base against the company.

Timesheet Approval

iTEM has the ability for a timesheet approval system. You can set up staff and suppliers to have their time approved by an individual in your organisation. Timesheets can be rejected and approved with each event notifying the respective individual by email.

Multiple Charge Rates & Overtime

Most companies will have 1 hourly rate for their services, iTEM also caters for those that have a more complex pricing structure. Multiple rates can be assigned to individuals or projects and be classed as overtime if required. Projects can also be set to allow overtime if required.