Online Task Management Software

iTEM has many tools to help you manage your tasks, from capturing messages with email integration, quick tasks, todo lists, task groups and much more. Task Assignment and tracking is also simple and with every task you can assign a series of statuses so you can see at a glance what the progess is.

Task Home Page

Task Management

Each task has its own page with a multitude of information from a summary, time, history, to-do list, files and all communications. With a simple easy to follow layout you can see a time line of events and messages.

Task Feed & Email Integration

One of iTEMs key selling points is its ability to integrate with emails and give you all communication related to that task instantly. it automates capturing the data by simply capturing and reply’s you make from your email client.

Tasks can also be created from emails. Using an email address of your choice, clients or staff can send in tasks, which are then processed to the appropriate account manager, normal email conversation will continue and can be later assigned to a project.

Assigning Deadlines and budgets

Each task can be assigned and set the appropriate deadline, the user concerned will be notified by email and will appear in their calendar. A time budget can be put on each task and you can even set a maximum time to be entered.

Audit Trails

Each task comes with its own audit trail, you can see all changes to the task and who made them. Groups

Grouping tasks helps you manage your project, You can reorder groups as well as assigning them different colours

To-Do Lists

iTEM has a neat to-do list you can create on any task. You can add, complete and reorder your list.


Each task comes with its own “mini” timesheet so you can see all hours worked against the task itself without the need to access a separate report. You can also add time and complete the task from this timesheet.