Integrated Project Management Software

Whether your project is large or small, one off, an ongoing consultancy, a prospect, a recurring service or a support agreement, iTEM is for you. It allows you to set up project groups and select the group members. With iTEM you can track and monitor tasks, costs, rates, suppliers, deadlines and important dates, project files, and events histories.


Project Management

iTEMs Projects directly correspond to the way you invoice your client. From one off costs, complex hourly and daily rates right through to reoccurring invoices or support agreements. iTEMs project modules are versatile to suit your business and will also automatically generate invoices that need to be raised.


iTEMs project feed gives you an instant up-to-date overview of every aspect of your projects. It groups diverse but related information together into one feed - calendar events, tasks, user activity, messages, files, costs and time, history and much more.

Budgets & Reports

Budgets are important in all project management and seeing a real time report of your budget will avert any possible issues with your clients. iTEM enables you to set a budget and see how well you are sticking to it. Along with its excellent dashboard facilities iTEM will give you all the information you need at a glance.

Seamless Collaboration

iTEMs collaboration functionality is second to none, huge time savings are made by integrating with email seamlessly ensuring all project communication is tracked to the second.

Because of the way iTEM works your team, clients and supplies don’t have to login to iTEM to record conversations.

Unlike other systems iTEM enables you manage suppliers and clients on the same project either a visible or as well as keeping them separate

Project Templates

Create custom templates, projects, tasks, workflows, documents for simple and quick way to add new projects and assign them to clients.

Notes, Diary & Milestones

Important notes and other information is easily stored in iTEM

Task Workflow

You can create custom workflows within projects, helping you to get approval for tasks, documents and sign off with clients. At each process a simple yes or no button is offered with additional comments. If at any point the task is rejected it is reverted to the originator

Person Specific Access

Projects can be made person specific, with clients and even your own team. That way you