iTEM stores all Invoicing & Costs you need at a Project Level

Fixed cost projects, hourly rate charges, monthly support and recurring charges all need to be invoiced. Unlike its competitors, iTEM stores the financial information required for costing and invoicing at project level.

Invoice Notification


iTEM will automatically workout when invoices will need to be created from deposits, completed tasks, calculating per hour and per day totals are handled effortlessly.

PDF Invoicing

iTEM give you the ability to generate PDF invoices and send to your clients inbox. You can customise the text, add a logo, and import client data.

Working With Accountants

Most companies will already have an accountant or separate package, you can still match your invoice numbers and payment status so you have full financial visibility in iTEM.

Terms & Overdue Payments

Setting the project terms in iTEM will automatically calculate when payments are overdue. Your iTEM dashboard will display an instant statement of payments owed. When clients log in they will be notified of payments that are due, helping to reduce one of the more onerous tasks of business – chasing payment.

Payment Status

Payments can be set to various statuses such as new, with accountant, sent, paid, cancelled or overdue. You can see each payment that clients have made.