Easy Collaboration for your Team, Client and Suppliers

iTEMs watchword is integration so it’s important to us that all information is available to every part of iTEM and to the correct people. With the use of all of iTEM features you can effortless capture the information you need.

iTEM & Your Team


Your team will have access to the correct information and because we know every business is different you can configure iTEM to your exact requirements. Managing the organisation with departments, separating your sales team from your project team and deciding who sees financial information.

iTEM & Your Clients

All companies that currently use iTEM interact with clients in a different way, because of the way iTEM email works, you can work with clients, staff and suppliers without anyone having to login to respond to request. This enables you to give access to iTEM to clients if required.

iTEM has been designed to give you total control over what people see, you can give clients individual access to projects within their own company and yet make financial information available only to you.

Collaboration with Suppliers

Working with suppliers is also a painless process in iTEM. You can add them to your projects with the option of making them visible to the client if required. iTEM will only show the right information to the right people.

Suppliers can also make use of the iTEM timesheet system and you can approve or reject time on the tasks they work on.