iTEMs calendar and diary system will help you organise your business. From sales events right through to project deadlines. All events are clearly visible to the right people.

Your Calendar

Only one click away, this calendar gives you all your events, tasks and deadlines. You can also see deadlines you have set for others in your team. Clicking on each item will allow you to edit or move the event.

7 Days

Always visible, you can see your up and coming events and deadlines. Each one will be highlighted as it takes place. Clicking on them gives you access to all the information you need to complete it.

All Projects Calendar

This useful feature will let you see all deadlines and milestones for all projects and help you manage your team better.

Project Calendar

Each project has its own specific calendar, enabling you to micro manage each project easily. You can see schedules, deadlines and milestones.

User Calendar

Staff, client or supplier, each user has their own calendar enabling you to see at a glance any upcoming events for each one.