Let’s start with a question? On average how much time (in minutes) do you waste looking for emails, preparing for meetings, updating spreadsheets and general business administration throughout your working day?

Calculate Your Lost Time/Money

Minutes wasted per day per person? Your total waste could be :  
Business hourly rate? Cost of owning iTEM per year :  
Number Of Staff? Total Saving* :  

So on average your business could be wasting  * a year. When put like that it’s a scary thought, potentially that’s another employee or investment back into your company. Not many businesses charge for every minute of every day for all employees but you can see how the wasted time can soon add up to a sizable monetary value.

So why does your business need iTEM?

iTEM enables you to centrally manage, organise and share information with all areas of your business. Specifically designed for a small business it will bring a new level of efficiency and collaboration to your company.

Why Is iTEM Different?

There are hundreds of CRM, Project management and Time Tracking solutions out there, all good at what they do but if they don’t communicate well together then it limits your efficiency. Add to that some spread sheets and you have a disjointed way of running your business. iTEM is the answer.

Mission Statement

It is our mission statement to take every part of iTEM and make it better, working with our growing list of clients we are adding and improving all aspects helping them to grow their business.

James Guymer - Founder

* based on your hourly rate and minutes wasted per person per day for 48 weeks of the year, signed up to iTEM Proffesional Plan