Online Reporting Software

Capturing all this data, iTEM gives you a multitude of reports ranging from time, forecasting and financial. Each with many filtering options, you can get the right information when you need it.

Project Dashboards

Task Management

Each project has the option of a dashboard and will give you all the important details you need with regards to tasks, budgets, hours and much more.

Opportunity & Sales

Sales forecasting not only shows the likelihood of your prospects but how well your team is doing, with filtering for person, likelihood and forecast, you can see what months are going to profitable ones.


iTEM in-depth timesheet report will give you the granularity of information you need from your team and for your clients. Reporting directly from the timesheet data you can filter by project, person, dates, chargeable or not and much more. As with the majority of reports you can download to CSV.

Billable Hours

The billable hours report will help you manage your team and what they are billing for you. You can look at each staff member and compare how well they are doing with billable time.

KPI Reports

You can set your Key performance indicator ranges in iTEM and get a simple traffic light report on how your team is doing as far as closing tasks off on time.