Online Quotation Software

iTEM Quotation module let you create professional quotes, quickly and easily. Ranging from a simple one line-item to a complex multi-line quote with margins and profit, iTEM can be configured to match your pricing structure.

PDF & Email


Sending the quote can be carried out within iTEM this will enable you to attach additional documents. It will be delivered to the client’s inbox via iTEM Email as a PDF document.

Quote Personalisation

Everyones business and terminology is different and iTEM will cater for that giving you the ability to adjust all the words, visible columns, signature and type of quote. It will also let you choose what you want to send to the client, if at all.

CRM / Opportunities and Sales

In keeping with iTEMs total integration philosophy, you can make notes, follow and arrange meetings, all visible to the company and user home pages of your client. Each quote will let you change the status and likelihood, either as a stand-alone or linked to an opportunity.

Order Won, Order Lost & Up-issuing

Tracking the status of a quote is also as easy, each quote will give you a feed of activity and progress from initial contact to hopefully closing the deal. You can report on orders won and lost as well as seeing reasons for failure. The quotation forecast reports, will give you a clear visual representation of possible orders.


Creating a quote can be a time consuming business, with iTEMs Quote Template functionality it is easy to create quotes in an instant, creating covering letters, attachments, line items and discounts. Using our “replace codes” it’s easy to merge yours, your clients and company details into the quotation.

Quote Types

iTEM has 3 basic quote types, ranging from the simple to quotations that require more details:

  • Unit Price
  • Unit Price & Profit
  • Base Price and Mark Up

Linked with your company price list you import and adjust prices and profit margins to suit your needs.

Service/Product List

iTEMs global service list enables you to create a definite list of services/products your company provides either internally or outsourced. Each item can be categorised as labour, materials, products, services, sub-contractors or other. This will link into your price list as well as creating a list of any suppliers you use.

Price List

The price list will tie up each global service you offer with a price, this will be a straight forward unit price, unit price & profit or base price and mark up. When added to the quote you can then adjust your margins accordingly.

Quote to Project

When the order is won, you can create a project from it, importing all the details including the line items and generate tasks.